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JD-002Twin-screw plate extractor

JD-002Twin-screw plate extractor

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  • Product overview

    This production line is suitable for the production of PP, PE, PC, PS, ABS, PVC, PMMA, PET, HIPS and other plastic sheet products.
    Unit composition: plastic extruder, dry feeding system, head and hydraulic net change, three-roll calender, cooling type bracket, cutting device, drawing machine, cutting and shearing machine, conveying accumulator, roll temperature regulation system, electric cabinet.

  • Product advantages

    1, automatic feeding and drying system to ensure material drying, to ensure product quality.

    2. Automatic temperature control instrument with PID adjustment function, make the temperature control more accurate 2C2, automatic temperature control instrument with PID adjustment function, make the temperature control more accurate 2C2.

    3, the barrel heating system with air cooling device, reduce the temperature error.

    4. The application of dual-station hydraulic quick net change device (1.5 seconds/time) realizes non-stop net change, so that the production is continuous.

    5, plastic extruder using a single, two, three extruders at the same time extrusion plastic melt distributor composite and extrusion mold multi-channel composite, for the production of single layer, multi-layer composite sheet and other machines. Type selection.

    6. The selection of plastic melt metering pump makes plastic melt extrusion more stable and ensures product uniformity.

    7. The calender roll adopts advanced processing technology to ensure the precision of the roll and the requirements of producing high-quality plastic sheet products.

    8, calender roller drive - machine single roller independent drive form; The independently controlled roller temperature control system can accurately control the temperature of the calendering roller to make the sheet thickness even.

    9. Product cutting adopts automatic length cutting device to ensure that the diagonal size of the sheet is accurate within 3mm.

    10, the width of the production of plastic sheets within 3m; Various models with thickness 0.3-10mm are available for selection.

    11, the whole machine adopts DC or frequency conversion speed regulation and selected electronic control system, to achieve monotonous and group control linkage, accurate, stable and reliable control.

    12, three roller models are: upright type, 45° inclined type, horizontal type for choice.

  • Technical Parameter
    Model JD-002
    Type Plate extruder
    Number of screws Twin-screw
    Uses Luggage compartment, trolley case, car interior, furniture
    Screw diameter
    Production capacity 400(kg/h)
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